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As someone who has a lot of medical trauma (including being told I couldn't be autistic because I "don't look autistic"), it wasn't easy for me to keep trying to make myself heard. But I finally found someone who was willing to sit down, talk, and listen - really listen - to what I had to say: Dr. Louise Connor. I felt at ease from the get-go, as it became obvious that this was a professional who was up to date with the latest medical research and knew what she was talking about. I never felt judged or misunderstood as I had in the past, I felt seen and validated for the first time in my over 3 decades of existence. Getting an autism diagnosis is never easy for an adult female, but Dr. Louise made everything feel a lot more effortless, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

The diagnosis and group therapy sessions have been very useful. They have shown me that I do have AS and this has enabled me to start processing the experiences I have had in life.

When seeking counselling or therapy I feel it is extremely important to feel a bond of acceptance and trust with the therapist. Often difficult to find. I found this with Louise Connor. Her help has been invaluable.

I found the experience of meeting with Dr Louise Connor incredibly rewarding. After 57 years, it was like finally coming home! Until now, my life had been filled with confusion, bewilderment and depression. I have gone through various (unsuccessful) therapies and counselling sessions over the years.

With Dr Connor, I felt that she totally "got me". She is very warm, relaxed (thus making the patient feel at ease) and has great empathy. In other words, Dr Connor is extremely fluent in "Aspergese"!

I can thoroughly recommend her to any person struggling out there to be understood. She has already changed my life for the better, and for that I am deeply grateful.

You opened up new thoughts and gave my 17 year old son things to think about, positive feedback and most of all a place in which he could be honest and truthful about his feelings. The fact you acknowledged his pain and gave him permission to feel like he did, seemed to ease his pain considerably. We both look forward to seeing you again.

I will always be extremely grateful for the way in which you've helped me fit that final piece of the jigsaw that's been missing for the last 51 years!

Louise explored our answers, also was very easy to talk to, even though my son does feel some difficulty expressing or discussing his feelings. I felt this was a professional conversation, not an exam. I don't think there was anything that could be improved.

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Louise Connor, 2009