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Training & Consultation

Training is offered to small teams working with specific individuals or to large staff groups.


Who for?

  • Teachers and staff in schools
  • Care staff
  • Health professionals
  • Social Services teams
  • Staff working in the voluntary sector

Examples of what can be provided

  • What is an Autistim Spectrum Disorder (ASD)? (Autism, Asperger's Syndrome)
  • Conditions related to ASD
  • Mental health difficulties or behavioural difficulties associated with ASDs
  • Developing services appropriate for people with an ASD and related conditions


  • Consultation is also provided regarding individuals, including a detailed assessment of their needs. Tailored work can be carried out with relevant staff and family members in order to ensure the best process and outcome for the individual
  • Consultation can be offered to teams regarding working with staff members with Asperger's Syndrome or an ASD

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